Reasons Why You Should Select Foxyloop School ERP Suite?


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Reasons Why You Should Select Foxyloop School ERP Suite?

Foxyloop ERP is the ultimate solution for all the schools and educational institutes throughout India. It offers multiple modules which include all the activities related to students and educational institutes. This is the one solution all educational institutes are looking for.

  • User Friendly
  • Do you have basic knowledge of computers? It's easy to work on Foxyloop school ERP software on the first login without any instructions.

  • Adaptable
  • Foxyloop can easily adapt to your institution's system and process through the right configuration of batches and courses.

  • Easy To Customize
  • When you have your requirements different from what we offer, no worries. Foxyloop is optimized for customization.

  • A Wide Range of Services
  • Foxyloop offers you a variety of other services like installation, customization, support, hosting, integration, training services and implementation.

  • Customized Reports
  • Get a graphical analysis of the performance of the students. Customized reports are also available for Exam, Subject wise and many more.

  • Control Privileges
  • Advanced user management functions allow you to assign different privileges to different users.

  • Security
  • All of your data is secured. Don't worry about any crucial information being stolen. We protect your data.

  • Best School ERP Software
  • With the best integrated modules, Foxyloop can take care of all the processes and systems required to run your organization.

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About Foxyloop

Foxyloop is an integrated and comprehensive platform for schools to manage their complete IT Solutions and communication between all stakeholders within the education realm of schools (students, teachers, principals, school management and parents).

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