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Foxyloop is bringing about the manageability, speed and security to help education institutions. This leads to the finest design of the software and hardware where each layer of the product is integrated to work according to the industry standards. We provide world's finest business solutions for Education and Research Institutions. Foxyloop eliminates complexities and creates best-in-class IT environment which is essential for competitive market.

With highly secured information system, your teachers can focus more on teaching and less on administrative work. Moreover, Foxyloop tools will automate online examination, paper modules and pre-loaded question bank. The highly interactive dashboards will give you all the information on a single screen. Now you can keep easy track of academic & non-academic details of Teachers, students and non-teaching staffs. Students can easily access the information anytime from anywhere.


Our Story


We've launched new "The Examiner" mobile App in android & iOS for the students where they can take online and offline exams and can see their performance.


We have revised the look & feel of our old desktop paper generator application according to our customer's feedback.


We have added a new module of online examination for students in our school ERP suite. This new feature is really appreciated by all of our clients.


We have launched Mobile application of school ERP for students and parents. We've collaborated with 50+ educational institutes.


We have launched desktop app for students for their exam and study material. Students can carry their Pen drive to study.


Foxyloop launched "Question Paper Generator" desktop application for educational institutes. With this, It's easy for teachers to print any exam papers within a few clicks.

Our Mission, Vision & Goal.



Foxyloop aims to provide the Educational Institutions with the best practices. Our mission is to provide learning and administrative functions to achieve Institution's vision and planning. We aim to allow Institutions actively manage performance that promises better decision-making.


We believe in working closely with our clients to understand the needs that yield into business transformation. Because of our transparent way, you always remain in control of your institution and timelines.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide integrated services for maximising Education potential and eliminating IT complexities. We work with our clients to achieve their goals by implementing best solutions and providing extensive support.


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